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If you’re looking for replacement sliding windows for your Kansas City home, look no further than Four Seasons Home Products. We have been installing sliding windows and other replacement windows in Kansas City homes for years. We have one of the best reputations in the business for quality work and our prices are competitive.

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Replacement windows come in many different styles. Deciding where you want the window and what functions you need it to serve will help you narrow down your options. Here is a quick little tutorial on replacement windows to help you know your options and determine which type you’ll need. Let’s start with window terminology.

The sash is the moving part of a vertically hung window that slides up or down. With single hung windows, only the bottom half slides upward. On a double-hung window, both halves or sashes can move up or down. The vertical side pieces of the window frame are called stiles and the horizontal pieces on the top and bottom are referred to as rails. The stiles and rails hold the glass in the frame.

Sliding Replacement Windows for Your Kansas City Home

Much like a sliding door, but not large enough to walk through and mounted in the middle of the wall is the horizontal slider window. Horizontal slider windows are like single hung windows on their sides. The window slides to the left or right instead of up or down. Horizontal sliding windows can be single or double slide. With the single slide, only one side slides to open. With double sliders, both sashes slide to open. This makes double sliding windows a good choice for a room where you want good air circulation.

You can open both sides to create an entrance and exit point for air to move simultaneously in and out. Sliding windows are commonly used over a sink or countertop. Typically, they are faster to open than crank-style awning or casement windows. Plus, they can be opened with one hand whereas a single or double hung window requires two hands. One more advantage to sliding windows is that they don’t protrude when you open them so they are ideal if there is a walkway, patio, or other interior or exterior space you wouldn’t want a window protruding into.

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Four Seasons has one of the largest showrooms in the area and you can see replacement window styles and compare types and quality. You will also see full-size sunrooms in various design styles. At Four Seasons, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, so give us a call or come by our showroom. We offer free estimates for replacement windows and sunrooms, so let us come to your home and give you a quote.



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