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5 Essential Décor Items for Your Sunroom

Sunrooms are advantageous to any home. They allow you to enjoy the outdoors from inside. They also extend your livable space. Sunroom décor varies as much as the style of sunrooms themselves. How you plan to use your sunroom will also dictate the décor. Here are some décor elements that would complement any style of sunroom and its usage.

1. Window Seat

Sunrooms are basically built out of windows, so incorporating a window seat into the design makes perfect sense. The window seat will offer a dedicated area for lounging in the sun. Window seats are usually benches, so they feature a well for storage — another benefit they could provide in your sunroom.

3 Kinds of Residential Windows and Their Uses

Residential windows come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, and each design has its own unique benefits. If you’re designing a home, you’ll want to consider which types of windows are best for your layout. Here are three kinds of residential windows and where you might use each.

1. Bay Windows Create Space

Bay windows are windows that jut out from an exterior wall. Most come three-sided, and are trapezoid or rectangular in shape (with the fourth side being open to a room). But there also are other geometric designs. The unique structure of a bay window provides two benefits.

Benefits of Adding a Window to Your Garage

New Window In Garage

Some homeowners treat their garage as an afterthought. They may actually utilize the space for storage and hobbies, but they often don’t spend much time thinking of the aesthetics of the room. Indeed, the aesthetics are usually limited to ensuring the space isn’t messy.

Well, the garage is a good space to engage in hobbies, so you may spend more time there than you initially think. To that end, you may want to update it. Here are a few reasons adding a window might be a good update for your garage.

5 Benefits of a Kitchen Garden Window

Flower Vase Placed In Window

If you want to update your home, new windows offer an excellent return on your investment. Homeowners West North Central in the region of the United States can expect to recoup about 77 percent of the cost of upscale vinyl windows and 69 percent on upscale wood replacement windows.

When you consider heat gain and loss through old windows that can increase your energy costs by up to 30 percent as well as make your home less comfortable, new windows are a great choice for the homeowner who wants improve both the function and comfort of their home. Some windows, such as a garden window, will also add aesthetic appeal. Here are five benefits of adding a garden window.

The Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

New Shower Glass Remodel

As part of your new bathroom remodel, you might have set your sights on a new walk-in shower. Walk-in showers offer a variety of benefits for your home and your family. This blog contains just a few reasons you should remodel your bathroom to include a walk-in shower.

Walk-In Showers Reduce Falls

For seniors, the shower is one of the most treacherous places in the home. Falls, especially when obstacles are involved, can be serious for older adults. You can reduce the risk of falls in your shower when you install a walk-in shower.

For one thing, you do not have to step over the tub to get in. You can also use grab bars and other aids to make the shower even safer. Additionally, you can use textured flooring in the shower to provide more grip and less slip.

Walk-In Showers Can Be Wheelchair-Friendly

If somebody in your home uses a wheelchair or may use one in the future, a walk-in shower offers enough space to roll in and out with no problems. You can even create a walk-in shower that is large enough to turn around easily.

4 Ways to Maximize Enjoyment of Your Sunroom

Do you have a sunroom, or are you thinking of adding one? Sunrooms have many benefits. They provide extra space and give you a way to enjoy the sunlight even in the cold months. However, a sunroom doesn’t have to be just a seasonal room. Instead, maximize the benefits of your sunroom for any time.

1. Grow Exotic Plants

One of the biggest benefits of a sunroom is, as the name suggests, it welcomes more sun indoors. At minimum, the room consists of big windows in two or three walls. You could turn it into a conservatory, though, if you replace most of the ceiling with glass. In fact, that style is ideal if you plan to use your sunroom for indoor gardening.

Building a Sunroom? Choose the Perfect Ceiling Style

Today’s homeowners around the country see more and more often the value of adding a sunroom to their property. Sunrooms add useful space to any house and create a unique centerpiece the whole family can enjoy.

As you plan your new sunroom, you have many choices in materials, colors, styles, and features. Among this variety of options are choices about what type of ceiling you want. What can you choose from and why? Here are the most common.

Important Details in a Home Improvement Contract

Hiring a home improvement contractor can be stressful, but a good contract can take away some of that stress. Good contracts protect homeowners and contractors from problems that might arise during the home improvement process.

If you’re a homeowner who will be conducting a home improvement project in the next few months, be sure to sign a well-written contract with a reputable home improvement professional. Here’s what you need to look for in the document.

The Home Renovations You Should Make Before You Move In

Congratulations on purchasing a new home! You have made the decision to invest in your future, and that’s a great choice. Unfortunately, purchasing a new home does not necessarily mean you are ready to move in right away. You can move into your home while you are awaiting some renovations, but others are considered more serious. They could pose a safety hazard if you fail to accomplish these tasks.

Whether you choose to DIY or hire a company to care for your renovation or remodel, these are among the most important repairs you need to make as soon as possible.

Ready for New Siding? 5 Reasons to Choose Vinyl

Landscape design, roofing, windows, walkways, and driveways all affect a home’s curb appeal. In addition, the exterior siding plays a large role in your home’s appeal and value. Replacing and updating the siding on your home can make it sell at a higher price later.

Of course, knowing what siding to choose can be a bit overwhelming because of all the options available. If you are considering updating your home’s curb appeal and value, here are a few reasons to consider vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding Is Durable

Manufactured out of a PVC plastic resin material, vinyl siding is one of the most durable options you can install on your home. Vinyl siding wraps your home in a protective layer that resists wind, rain, heat, cold, and the sun’s harmful UV rays.


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