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Enjoy Your Kansas City, MO Backyard in the Shade of an Arbor or Pergola

If you’d like to add an arbor or pergola to your outdoor landscape, Four Seasons Home Products is the company to call in Kansas City. We are experts at bringing the outdoors into your home with our sunrooms and screened rooms, and we are also experts at improving your outdoors with yard enhancements like arbors and pergolas to create a shady retreat. We can design and build arbors and pergolas in many sizes and shapes to help you complete your outdoor room.

Arbors Add Beauty to Outdoor Landscapes

An arbor is basically two trellises connected by a top. Arbors add structure and style to your garden or outdoor landscaping. They are ideal as a support for climbing vines like roses, mandevilla, clematis, or wisteria. Arbors provide a shaded place in the garden to relax and get away from the sun. They can be constructed with a bench, a gate, or just a simple arch alone.

A Pergola Can Serve as Another Room Outdoors

We get some beautiful days and nights in the Kansas City area and having an outdoor area to relax and enjoy them is like adding another room to your home. A pergola is usually larger in size than an arbor but also serves to create a break from the sun. Pergolas are basically flat style arbors but are generally more permanent architectural features. They form a shaded area for walkways or sitting. Bright and airy in design, they consist of parallel crossbeams that comprise the roof attached to four or more corner supports. Sometimes they also feature one or two sides. These sturdy hardscaping structures can be freestanding or connected to a building. Like arbors, pergolas often have vines trained up the sides to provide beauty and add more shade. Pergolas can be as large or small as you’d like.

Install an Arbor or Pergola to Your Kansas City Home and Enjoy It for Years

If you are interested in adding an arbor or pergola to your yard, call Four Seasons Home Products. Our excellent installation team will build you an arbor or pergola you can enjoy for years. Call us for a free estimate.

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