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Start an Indoor Garden or Put Treasured Items on Display With the Help of a Garden Window in Kansas City, MO

Four Seasons can install a garden window in your Kansas City area home. Garden window are unique because they create a very distinct look in your home. If you are considering adding a garden window or any kind of replacement windows to your home, call us for a free estimate.

What Is a Garden Window?

Garden windows are like miniature greenhouses that you can enjoy in your kitchen. Garden windows protrude from the house and typically feature a glass shelf perfect for placing potted plants or herbs on. Side vents allow air movement to keep the plants happy and healthy on warmer days. Some homeowners use them to display a unique collection or favorite decorations. You can add a mini-greenhouse to just about any room. They are popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and even home offices. The extra glass allows more natural sunlight to enter the room than typical window styles. Because it does extend out from the house, you would not want a garden window placed where it would interfere with walkways, patios, or other traffic areas.

Garden Windows Make a Huge Difference in the Look and the Mood of a Room

Garden windows automatically brighten any room they are added to. The multi-walled design lets in plenty of sunlight and the windows can be as large or small as you’d like. There’s really no limit to the design possibilities with garden windows. Any room that needs some brightening would benefit from a garden window.

Call Four Seasons to Install Your Garden Window in Kansas City

Four Seasons Home Products has been installing replacement windows and sunroom additions in Kansas City for decades. From traditional to contemporary, no matter what style of home you own, we can improve it with replacement windows or sunroom additions. Our installation team is skilled at installing both and you can be sure that when Four Seasons installs your windows or sunroom, it will last a lifetime. Visit our showroom to see more window choices and sunroom styles. Or call us for a free estimate. We can’t wait to help you make your home even better. Call us today!



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