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Building a Sunroom? Choose the Perfect Ceiling Style

Today’s homeowners around the country see more and more often the value of adding a sunroom to their property. Sunrooms add useful space to any house and create a unique centerpiece the whole family can enjoy.

As you plan your new sunroom, you have many choices in materials, colors, styles, and features. Among this variety of options are choices about what type of ceiling you want. What can you choose from and why? Here are the most common.

A Homeowner’s Guide to 5 Main Sunroom Types

A sunroom can add property resale value, undeniable all-season beauty, and usable living space to your home. But even after you decide that a sunroom is the right addition for your home, you must still choose which sunroom type to install.

While every sunroom is as unique as the home it attaches to due to the distinct challenges, quirks, and architectural characteristics, most sunrooms fall into one of the following five main categories.

  1. Cathedral Sunrooms

Cathedral sunrooms, sometimes called gable or vaulted sunrooms, have the distinct characteristic of a high, peaked roof. Cathedral sunrooms can have all-glass, partial-glass, or drywall on the interior and shingles on the exterior roofs, but they all have the classic and dramatic shape also found in gothic cathedrals, hence the name.

The Four Seasons: Ways to Enjoy Your Sunroom this Spring

SunroomThe weather’s warming up, but you can still expect some cooler temperatures and a lot of rain before the summer heat kicks in. In the meantime, you may want to view the blossoms and new greenery outdoors while staying out of any inclement weather.

A sunroom provides a great way to enjoy your backyard while still using your home’s shelter. Keep reading to find four ways to use a sunroom this spring.

Sunroom Costs, Planning, & Why They’re Great

A beautiful sunroom is the perfect touch for a cozy home. Even when the weather isn’t perfect, people can sit and look out at the yard or the nature that surrounds them. The exact sunroom cost will depend upon how large you want it and what features you want included. For example, some people are looking for more of an outdoor space, and others wish to run electricity and heat through their sunrooms.

Like Goldilocks, Good Windows Keep Your Home Feeling “Just Right”

When you purchase replacement windows, your home should feel draft-free and cozy. If your home feels too hot in some rooms and too cool in others, your windows may be the culprit. Not all windows are created equal. At Four Seasons Home Products, our expert installers know that different windows will deliver different results. That’s why we sell Conservaglass Select windows. These windows are superior in several ways.


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