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Tips for Successful Communication With Your Contractor

Good communication is an essential part of any successful home remodel. With regular communication, contractors and homeowners keep the remodel operating on schedule while also preventing disputes.

Many homeowners and contractors struggle to maintain good communication. With so many moving parts and so many high-stakes decisions being made, homeowners and contractors can easily misunderstand one another or simply forget what’s been said. These tips can help you avoid miscommunications with your contractor.

Tips for Choosing the Right Windows for Your New Home

Building a new home from the ground up requires making several decisions, balancing your budget, and ensuring the finished product is worth all that effort. To make an informed decision about how to spend your money, you have to do your homework. The average homeowner will spend anywhere from $300 to $700 or more on each window in their house, and a lot more options are available than you might think.

Learn a few tips to help you choose the right windows, glass, and frame material and color for your new windows.

Where to Be Extravagant or Thrifty During Your Bathroom Remodel

Between upgraded fixtures, new tiles, and a replacement bathtub or freestanding shower, the average homeowner can expect to pay anywhere from at least $1,000 to upwards of $15,000 to renovate a small bathroom. Whether your budget is modest or healthy, it is important to know the areas of your bathroom that deserve more attention.

Learning where to splurge and where to be frugal can help you get the most out of your remodeling budget. Here are a few areas in your bathroom where you should spend more, as well as a few you can save money on.

Keep Your Little Ones Safe During a Summer Remodel

Children need special attention in order to stay safe when a home remodel is taking place. Working with your contractor to ensure that your home remains kid-friendly can help prevent accidents and injuries. These tips can help you and your contractor work together for a safe remodel this summer.

Tell Your Contractor You Have Little Ones in the Home

Your contractor needs to know that you have little ones in your home. This way, your contractor can make any changes that are necessary to the worksite to ensure that your children will be safe while the remodel is taking place. Your contractor should also know your kid’s names so that he or she can watch out for your kids and can address them if an urgent problem arises.

5 Types of People Who Need Bay Windows

Bay windows are as popular as ever because they offer a solution to so many home decorating needs. This guide lists five people who would benefit from the installation of bay windows in their homes.

  1. The Host or Hostess Who Wants More Dining Space

If you have a tiny dining room or your dining area is part of a larger great-room, then order a floor-to-ceiling bay window addition to make your dining room larger and more attractive. When you install a bay window, the floor space is enlarged to fill the dimensions of the three-sided window, allowing you to place a round or oblong table and chairs in part of the space.

The abundant glass allows light to bathe the space, and you can customize the bay windows with your choice of window treatments. Tall windows give your dining area a sophisticated look and make the dining area stand out.

3 Important Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Upgraded bathroomYou’re finally upgrading your boring, worn bathroom, and you can’t wait to see the finished space. As you list the changes you plan for your bathroom, keep a few details in mind. You’ll experience more satisfaction with your updated bathroom when you consider these three things.

  1. The Way You Use Your Bathroom

Do you rush in and out of the bathroom during your busy day? Do you rarely or never soak in the tub? Consider bathroom upgrades with efficiency in mind. A tub-to-shower conversion gives you more ample showering space, and you’ll never have to lean over the tub to clean it again.

Tub-to-shower conversions are a big trend in bathroom remodels today. Homeowners enhance the change from tub to shower with specialty and luxury shower heads and other new fixtures.

Benefits of Cement Fiber Siding for Your Home

If you are remodeling your home, remember that every aspect of your home’s exterior makes a difference in both quality and curb appeal. The windows, the trim, the roof, and the siding all contribute to your home’s market value, making it important to put careful thought and consideration into the type and style of each.

When you choose the type of material you use for your home’s siding, you have a lot of different options to choose from. Vinyl is often the go-to choice for homeowners — and with good reason — but this doesn’t mean that it’s the best choice for every home.

Another possible option for your home is cement fiber siding. Although less common, this type of siding has many benefits. Made of a mixture of wood pulp, sand, and cement, cement fiber siding is durable, easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable.

Before installing new siding on your home, you need to have a general understanding of all your options. To that end, this blog outlines four of the benefits of cement fiber siding.

A Homeowner’s Guide to 5 Main Sunroom Types

A sunroom can add property resale value, undeniable all-season beauty, and usable living space to your home. But even after you decide that a sunroom is the right addition for your home, you must still choose which sunroom type to install.

While every sunroom is as unique as the home it attaches to due to the distinct challenges, quirks, and architectural characteristics, most sunrooms fall into one of the following five main categories.

  1. Cathedral Sunrooms

Cathedral sunrooms, sometimes called gable or vaulted sunrooms, have the distinct characteristic of a high, peaked roof. Cathedral sunrooms can have all-glass, partial-glass, or drywall on the interior and shingles on the exterior roofs, but they all have the classic and dramatic shape also found in gothic cathedrals, hence the name.

5 Remodeling Trends to Help Sell Your House

To attract buyers, you don’t need to go crazy with expensive upgrades. The key is to know which features are hot in your area. Local contractors and real estate agents are good sources of information for the trends that sell houses in your town.

You can also check out real estate ads to see which features are being pushed in your region for another glimpse into what’s hot and what’s not. And, of course, experts in home remodeling routinely study the most popular trends in upgrades.

If you’re still unsure of how you want to remodel your home, then here are five sought-after makeover ideas for your kitchen and bathroom renovations.

3 Ideas for Creating Curb Appeal

Most home renovations focus on the inside. You replace dated carpet with new hardwood, tile the bath and shower, and replace old countertops with marble or granite, along with updating things like plumbing and electrical as needed. The exterior is often neglected in favor of making the interior more beautiful.

However, investing in your curb appeal is not only great for the value of your home but also to make your home look like home to all who visit. The updates are more than aesthetic. Upgrades to siding, windows, and exterior features also add to your home quality and save you from the maintenance that comes as worn-out products continue to age.

Here are some curb appeal improvement ideas that can take your exterior from blah to beautiful, even making your house look entirely different.


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