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Benefits of Adding a Window to Your Garage

New Window In Garage

Some homeowners treat their garage as an afterthought. They may actually utilize the space for storage and hobbies, but they often don’t spend much time thinking of the aesthetics of the room. Indeed, the aesthetics are usually limited to ensuring the space isn’t messy.

Well, the garage is a good space to engage in hobbies, so you may spend more time there than you initially think. To that end, you may want to update it. Here are a few reasons adding a window might be a good update for your garage.

Sunlight in a Dim Room

The most obvious benefit of adding a window to any room is the increase in sunlight. Natural light is still perceived as the preferred method of illumination, not only because it’s free, but also because sunlight is seen as more attractive than artificial light. And a window is the best way to get sunlight into a room.

The garage is naturally a dim area. You probably have to turn on the light just to fetch an item stored there or walk from your car to the entry door. Adding a window to the garage chases away some of that dimness. As a boon, you might see a small decrease in your electricity bills.

Warmth in a Cool Area

In addition to being dim areas, garages are also often cool areas. This coolness can make garage activities less enjoyable because you need to bundle up. Many homeowners install a garage heater, especially if they spend a lot of time in the room. However, as with your lights, if you have to turn the heater on every time you enter, you’ll have to pay higher utilities.

If you have a strategically placed window that can maximize on the sun’s position, you might enjoy some heat benefits. A window won’t warm a cold room up in the dead of winter, but it can help with a slight chill. For this benefit, you’ll want to choose an insulated window with double panes and a gas fill. You might even look into the new technology of smart windows that allow in infrared heat.

Ventilation for a Stuffy Space

Garages are not only dark and cold, they can also get a little stuffy. They might even get stifling hot in the summertime. What’s more, your car brings dirt and dust inside, which can get kicked up inside the room. You might even enjoy hobbies that introduce dust or fumes to the garage.

In addition to letting sunlight inside, the other main benefit of a window is the ventilation it provides. You have different options for window styles, such as double-hung and awning, which afford you different methods of ventilation. So, you’ll take a solid wall and have a ventilation method installed when you add a window to your garage.

Beauty in a Plain Area

The garage takes up a fair percentage of the real estate in your house. Indeed, the garage and its doors can dominate your home’s fa├žade. If your garage is an entirely enclosed space, with only the doorways for openings, then you may have a lot of blank wall space on the front of your house. Adding a window will open up some of that space.

New windows also afford you new design opportunities both inside and outside the garage. For one, you can orchestrate the window’s exterior with the casement and other add-ons, such as shutters, so that it best complements your garage exterior. For example, if you have a blank exterior wall, you might have a window with an architectural casement installed to add visual interest.

You can also dress up the interior of the garage if you have a window. You might look into window treatments. At the minimum, you can place plants in the sill for a homey touch when you spend time in the garage.

Consider adding a window to update your garage. Four Seasons Home Products has a variety of windows for your remodel project.

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