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Four Seasons is your authorized dealer for Bath Planet® bathroom remodels in the Kansas City area. The Bath Planet system allows for a complete bathroom remodel for every size of budget. Four Seasons can even create a solution where you can transform your old, outdated bathroom in one day! Bath Planet offers solutions for every type of bathroom. The bath systems include high quality bath liners, wall surrounds, and replacement bathtubs.

There are even solutions for showers, including new shower liners, shower wall surrounds, and new shower bases. Four Seasons can even finish off your bathroom with new floor tile, vanities, and tops, and install new fixtures to create your dream bathroom.

Give Your Bathroom the Best Treatment Possible

Pamper your bathroom when you choose Bath Planet. Bath Planet has both the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and Guild Quality Rating. What does that mean? Watch these videos to find out more about these prestigious acknowledgements:


Bathtub Systems to Upgrade Your Kansas City Bathroom

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There are plenty of bathtubs in the Kansas City area that are relics from a distant past. In most cases, older bathtubs are in good shape, but the color reminds you of another generation. Instead of tearing out that old bathtub, we can update it with Bath Planet ‘s acrylic bath solution. We can install the following around your bathtub:

  • Bathliners. The Bath Planet bathliner is a heavy-duty ¼” thick acrylic piece custom molded to fit over your existing bathtub. No messy tear outs, and this product is scratch, chip, fade, and water stain resistant.
  • Wall Surrounds. A Bath Planet wall surround is custom manufactured and installed over your existing wall, which saves costly time and money. It is an acrylic material and available in several different patterns. You can choose from a marbleized look or a simulated tile pattern that mimics tiles in following dimensions: 4×4, 6×6, 8×10, and 12×12.
  • Replacement Bathtubs. We can also install a new acrylic bathtub if your old tub is in too bad of shape. The Bath Planet bathtubs are easy to clean and are resistant to scratches, chips, stains, and fading.

We Also Install New Shower Surrounds and Bases

Four Seasons can also install new shower surrounds and shower bases in your Kansas City area home. Much like the bathtubs, Bath Planet also offers the same types of products for shower wall surrounds, bases, and shower liners.

  • Shower Wall Surrounds. These shower surrounds fit over your existing walls and reach floor to ceiling in height. There are no grout lines and are non-porous for easy cleaning. They are a beautiful high-gloss acrylic and includes a lifetime warranty.
  • Shower Bases. The Bath Planet shower bases are custom made to fit your space, which makes it easy for the different sized showers in the Kansas City area. They are molded as one piece, so they are easy to clean and low maintenance. They are also available in many custom colors.
  • Shower Liners. These shower liners are molded to fit over any shower base and slips over your existing surface. This highly durable surface is easy to clean and resistant to scratches, chips, and stains. Plus, they can be installed without expensive and messy demolition.

Accessible Bathrooms Are Also Available for Easy Installation


The Bath Planet system is also available for homes that need accessible bathroom options. These bathtubs and shower conversions make bathrooms safe and comfortable. These options can fit any type of bathroom or budget and creates independence and self-sufficiency. Four Seasons can install the following:

  • Walk-In Bathtubs
  • Tub-To-Shower Conversions
  • Step-Through Inserts
  • Barrier-Free Shower Bases

We are available to provide a free estimate to transform your old bathroom into the project of your dreams. You can visit our showroom at 821 SW Oldham Parkway in Lee’s Summit, MO or call us at 816-524-2770 for an in-home estimate.


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