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3 Signs Your Windows Are Damaged from Spring Storms

Spring storms can bring some much needed rain to the Kansas City area, but they also can bring damaging wind and hail too. This can leave you with some costly repairs for your windows, doors, siding, and roof. Here are three of the telltale signs you’re windows have been damaged and need a little TLC.

1. Leaky Windows

If water is coming in your closed windows when it rains, it could be a sign that they were damaged by a storm. The first thing to look for is obvious damage such as broken or cracked glass. Wind also can knock windows off of their frames or bend the frames, leaving gaps that can allow water to seep in and further damage the interior of your home.

2. Windows Won’t Shut Right

Hail damage can cause issues with not only the glass of your windows, but their frames too. You may see dents in and around the windows and their frames or you also might notice bent frames. This less-than-ideal issue can leave you with drafty windows that let warm air seep into your home, and rain water leak in as well.

3. Torn Screens

An easy to spot sign of storm damage to windows is tears or holes in the window screens. These can be caused by both strong winds and hail. Debris can penetrate your screens but not have enough force to actually damage the glass.

If you believe your windows have been damaged by a storm, your first call should be to your homeowners’ insurance company to have an adjuster come out and assess the damage. Your second call should be to Four Seasons Home Products.

Whether your window damage is from a storm or you’re just in need of a window replacement, Four Seasons Home Products has the right choice for your Kansas City window replacement. Four Seasons has a number of styles to choose from in both wood and vinyl replacement windows, including double hung and casement windows.

For more information about window replacement in the Kansas City area, call Four Seasons Home Products today at (816) 524-2770.

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