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Remodeling Your Bathroom? 3 Shower Updates You Should Consider

An updated bathroom can make your space feel luxurious and spa-like, creating a welcome retreat after a long day’s work. However, since 90% of people prefer showering over taking a bath, focusing on shower upgrades may be a better use of your budget than upgrading to a jetted tub. Here are three shower additions you might enjoy and why you should consider them.  

  1. Body Jets and Steam Controls

For a truly cleansing, full-body shower experience, consider asking your remodeling contractor about body jets and steam controls. Body jets can be installed along the sides of your shower, creating pulsating jets of water that target pain points like your back, shoulders, and neck.

Body jets are available in wide range of styles and colors, allowing you to match them with the rest of your bathroom hardware. Designed to be fully customizable, body jets can also be tweaked to change spraying patterns, pressure levels, and water temperatures, giving you an easy way to enjoy a relaxing shower.

If you want turn your shower into a mini-sauna, look for a body-jet system that incorporates steam controls. By using a small, built-in system that boils a supply of water and generates water vapor, steam controls can help to increase the ambient air temperature inside your shower, creating a soothing experience.

Some new steam showers are even designed to emit water vapor that is only heated to around 118 degrees Fahrenheit, preventing burns.

  1. Bench Seating

What better way to enjoy a steam shower or massaging body jets than to sit in your shower and let the water pour over you? Consider talking with your remodeling contractor about installing bench seating, which is typically fixed in the corner of the shower and made with slip-resistant surfaces like textured tile.

In addition to making it easy to soak in the relaxing environment of your updated shower, bench seating also facilitates easier shaving and can help people who struggle with mobility. Instead of being faced with standing upright in a shower for long periods of time, you can simply sit and rest in the shower, allowing stress to melt away.

If you are worried about a bench seat detracting from the appearance of your shower, you shouldn’t be. Bench seating can be made with the same materials used to craft the rest of your shower, allowing the seat to blend in with your design seamlessly.

  1. Frameless Glass Enclosures

Forget about traditional framed showers that are laden with metal edges and prone to moldy seams. Modern glass frameless shower enclosures are designed out of sheets of incredibly durable, tempered glass, creating a sleek look while also making cleaning a lot easier.

Frameless glass shower enclosures are held in place by durable friction grips that are bolted to the wall studs and floor. Because they don’t rely on a metal frame, they tend to let more light into the showering space, creating a serene environment.

Additionally, since frameless showers don’t have lots of joints and edges, they can usually be cleaned easily with a simple squeegee, making it easy to keep your shower area clean, sanitary, and beautiful.

If you are considering a frameless glass shower enclosure, talk with your remodeling contractor about how to situate the shower to minimize leaking risks. Since frameless enclosures don’t typically contain rubber seals around the door, your contractor may need to strategically place body jets and shower heads to keep streams of water moving towards the floor drain.

Start your bathroom remodeling journey by talking with our professionals here at Four Seasons Home Products. With a commitment to integrity, quality, and innovation, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations to create a seamless renovation experience.

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