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5 Types of People Who Need Bay Windows

Bay windows are as popular as ever because they offer a solution to so many home decorating needs. This guide lists five people who would benefit from the installation of bay windows in their homes.

  1. The Host or Hostess Who Wants More Dining Space

If you have a tiny dining room or your dining area is part of a larger great-room, then order a floor-to-ceiling bay window addition to make your dining room larger and more attractive. When you install a bay window, the floor space is enlarged to fill the dimensions of the three-sided window, allowing you to place a round or oblong table and chairs in part of the space.

The abundant glass allows light to bathe the space, and you can customize the bay windows with your choice of window treatments. Tall windows give your dining area a sophisticated look and make the dining area stand out.

Hang a chandelier in the dining space to add more distinction to the area. Use candles on the dining table for dinner parties. The light from your chandelier and candles is reflected by the bay windows and presents an intimate, warm setting for dining and socializing after dark.

  1. The Gardener Who Collects Succulents

Bay windows are also available in versions that don’t increase floor space. This window opening is perfect for windows that are above kitchen sinks or just begin partway up the wall. Partial bay windows jut out from the exterior of the home like floor-to-ceiling styles. However, a shelf or seat is normally installed to cover the open space between the wall and windows.

The shelf is perfect for people who collect care-free plants like succulents. Plants in the succulent family are popular because they come in a huge array of shapes and colors. It’s not difficult to have several dozen or more plants in a small succulent collection.

The bay window shelf is a perfect place to showcase a succulent collection or any arrangement of houseplants. Your plants can receive full sunlight or shade which you control with window treatments. For example, use textured sheer curtain panels to simulate dappled sunlight for plants that need that.

Order a bay window with a shelf area that’s ample enough to hold a large collection of plants, since succulents and other houseplants look great when you display them all together. Caring for the plants will also be a lot easier because they’re all in one location.

  1. The Person Who Wants an Office Upgrade

Turn a dark, dull, uninspiring office into a refreshed, invigorating space with the addition of a bay window. If you choose a floor-to-ceiling bay window, then you can even make your bay window the backdrop for your desk. Or, use a partial bay window to create a bright reading nook with a cushioned seat.

Put your desk in front of the new bay window for a workspace with a view. Outfit the bay window shelf to hold mementos and motivational sculptures.

Use blinds or Roman shades in your office bay window to add flexibility to your windows. You can block distractions or open up your office to the view outside depending on your mood and your workload.

  1. The Nature Lover Who Wants a Cozy View

Do you have a gorgeous backyard or a room with a view of a lake or golf course? Do you wish you could enjoy the view year-round without leaving the comfort of the house?

Have a bay window installed to take advantage of the view. Whether you place a clawfoot tub, a window seat, or a few armchairs in the bay-window floor space, you get to take in the scenic vista when it’s raining, snowing, or too hot outside for comfort.

Bay windows are available with glass panes that are permanently closed and insulated. These windows are safe choices for bay window installations on upper stories of homes where children live.

You can also order bay windows that open to let in breezes and pleasant scents. If you have a fragrant garden or you love the smell of rain, then have your window installer order bay window panes that open to the outside air.

  1. The Decorator Who Needs a Stunning Room Feature

If you want more pizazz in your living space, but you can’t figure out how to create the look you want, then talk to your bay-window experts. They can help you design a bay window installation that dramatically enhances your living room, bedroom, or home office space.

One stunning design tip is to paint the inside of the bay window with a bolder color than the rest of the room. Use a bright color that coordinates with fabric and artwork in the rest of the space. When painted this way, the bay window provides a bright splash of color in an otherwise neutral area.

Add mid-century upholstery and simple lines to your bay window installation to compliment a retro look. If you’re into more minimalist décor, paint the bay-window space in plain white or black. White and black bay-window trim is also appropriate for rooms decorated with urban and industrial decorating themes.

Improve the look of your home with a bay window. Contact the home improvement experts at Four Seasons Home Products today and schedule installation of your new bay window.

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