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5 Benefits of a Kitchen Garden Window

Flower Vase Placed In Window

If you want to update your home, new windows offer an excellent return on your investment. Homeowners West North Central in the region of the United States can expect to recoup about 77 percent of the cost of upscale vinyl windows and 69 percent on upscale wood replacement windows.

When you consider heat gain and loss through old windows that can increase your energy costs by up to 30 percent as well as make your home less comfortable, new windows are a great choice for the homeowner who wants improve both the function and comfort of their home. Some windows, such as a garden window, will also add aesthetic appeal. Here are five benefits of adding a garden window.

1. A Garden Window Adds Style

Garden windows are similar to a bay window that bumps out from the house — just on a smaller scale. A garden window, sometimes called a greenhouse window, is an ideal feature to replace the window above the kitchen sink.

You can choose a garden window that is fitted with one or more shelves or opt to leave the space open to accommodate taller plants. As its name implies, a garden window is the perfect place to grow herbs, microgreens, flowers, or houseplants, such as cacti or African violets.

A garden window brings nature indoors, and if you enjoy cooking, fresh herbs and microgreens that grow right in your kitchen will elevate your culinary creations. The greenhouse effect allows the homeowner to grow plants year-round. A garden window is also an ideal spot for you to display a collection. For example, colorful art glass bottles, vases, and trinkets look even more vibrant with the sunshine streaming through.

2. A Garden Window Brightens a Room

Washing dishes isn’t most people’s idea of fun, but this necessary household task is even less fun in a dark and dreary room. If your kitchen only has one window, a garden window is the perfect way to add light to the space.

Because a garden window is three-dimensional, you will be able to look out into your yard and have a 180-degree peripheral view as well. You will also be able to look up to the sky above. Not only does a garden window let a lot of cheery sunlight in, it allows you to see far more than a traditional window would.

3. A Garden Window Visually Enlarges a Small Kitchen

Older homes often have small kitchens tucked away at the back of the house, separated from the other living areas. While a garden window won’t give you additional floor space, it will create the illusion of a larger kitchen as well as provide a little extra room. In compact kitchens, any additional space that frees up your counters is a bonus.

4. A Garden Window Adds Curb Appeal

Traditional flat windows, no matter how nice they are, really don’t do much to stand out — no pun intended. With a garden window, however, people will notice. Because a garden window projects outward, it will break up the monotony of your home exterior and turn blah to wow!

5. A Garden Window Helps Regulate Room Temperature

Garden windows are usually made with 1-inch thick glass, which may also have a special glazing to prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home. Many garden window models have side vents that you can open in the summer for a cross breeze and close in the winter to keep the radiant heat inside.

Whether you want to replace all your old windows or simply want to enhance your kitchen with a garden window, the professionals at Four Seasons Home Products can help you with your needs. Contact us today for a 100% free, no-obligation estimate.

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