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4 Ways to Maximize Enjoyment of Your Sunroom

Do you have a sunroom, or are you thinking of adding one? Sunrooms have many benefits. They provide extra space and give you a way to enjoy the sunlight even in the cold months. However, a sunroom doesn’t have to be just a seasonal room. Instead, maximize the benefits of your sunroom for any time.

1. Grow Exotic Plants

One of the biggest benefits of a sunroom is, as the name suggests, it welcomes more sun indoors. At minimum, the room consists of big windows in two or three walls. You could turn it into a conservatory, though, if you replace most of the ceiling with glass. In fact, that style is ideal if you plan to use your sunroom for indoor gardening.

Many exotic plants need a lot of sun to thrive. This sun exposure isn’t possible in all climates, especially those with cold winters. However, a sunroom maximizes their exposure to the sun. Below are some good plants to grow in a sunroom:

  • Spider plants
  • Boston ferns
  • Hibiscus
  • Passion flower
  • Orchids

Essentially, any plant that likes full sun is ideal for growing in your sunroom. What’s more, you can set the plants in the sunroom during the cold months and scatter them throughout the house in the warm months.

2. Host a Sit-Down Gathering

Many homeowners decorate their sunrooms as sitting rooms. The sitting room is a good space to sit down and relax — in this case, while enjoying the sun. However, a sitting room can also be an ideal place to host a sit-down gathering.

For instance, ladies in history often used their sitting rooms as a place to entertain fellow lady friends. They’d sit and drink tea and often talk about literature as a literary salon. If you have a book club, you could use your sunroom to host the gathering.

However, a sunroom set up as a sitting room can be used for any kind of sit-down gathering. You could host a wine or beer tasting event, an informal dining party, or even a game night. And just because the room is set up as a sitting room doesn’t mean your guests can’t get up and wander around your sunroom, so have fun with the decor.

3. Open up to the Outdoors

Many sunrooms are set up with sliding or hinged glass doors. In that way, they allow you to open up to the outdoors when the day is warm enough. Indeed, you could use a sunroom with a closed roof as respite from the heat on a warm day. That transitional space, with the sunroom protected and the patio exposed, is ideal for entertaining.

To that end, you might consider organizing the space directly outside your sunroom to accommodate entertaining. Perhaps that part of the patio would be a good spot to stash the grill or a drinks station. Conversely, you could invest in portable versions of both so you can enjoy those activities in any part of your patio.

4. Make a Play Space for Children

Children enjoy basking in the sun, too. A sunroom provides additional space in your home. You can utilize at least some of this space to create a playroom for your children. A benefit of this usage is that you’ve got an open space that the whole family can enjoy.

Start by designating a corner of the sunroom for the kids. You can start by laying down an easy-to-clean rug. Look for bright colors or designs the kids will like. A big concern with kids is having their toys strewn everywhere, so set up cubbies with storage bins where your kids can easily toss their toys.

Finally, modern kids love their electronics. To be honest, you probably do, too. So, consider designating an outlet in your sunroom for docking your devices. In this case, you’ll want the docking station to be protected from the sun.

Make the most out of your sunroom by utilizing its unique qualities. If you want a new sunroom addition, contact Four Seasons Home Products.

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