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3 Important Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Upgraded bathroomYou’re finally upgrading your boring, worn bathroom, and you can’t wait to see the finished space. As you list the changes you plan for your bathroom, keep a few details in mind. You’ll experience more satisfaction with your updated bathroom when you consider these three things.

  1. The Way You Use Your Bathroom

Do you rush in and out of the bathroom during your busy day? Do you rarely or never soak in the tub? Consider bathroom upgrades with efficiency in mind. A tub-to-shower conversion gives you more ample showering space, and you’ll never have to lean over the tub to clean it again.

Tub-to-shower conversions are a big trend in bathroom remodels today. Homeowners enhance the change from tub to shower with specialty and luxury shower heads and other new fixtures.

It’s hard to relax in a chipped, stained, and scratched-up tub. If you use your bathroom as a soaking and meditation spot, you want a nice, clean, attractive tub. Bathroom remodeling services offer a variety of ways to make your tub beautiful again.

Your choices include:

  • Bath liners
  • Wall surrounds
  • Replacement tubs

Have a bath liner installed for the easiest tub renovation. Bath liners are made of thick acrylic and custom-fitted to your old tub. With this option, you can avoid the complete tear-out of your bathtub.

Wall surrounds are available in several colors and patterns to create an oasis around your new tub. Choose wall-surround patterns that mimic various sizes of tiles, or go for an elegant marbleized look in the bath area.

Replacement tubs are a good idea if you have water damage under your old tub, you’re changing fixtures, or you want a tub of a different size. Replacement acrylic tubs look wonderful and are easy to clean. New tubs are also designed to be resistant to wear from scratches, stains, and color-fading.

  1. The Future Needs of Household Members

One of the biggest trends in bathroom remodels is the conversion of spaces using safe, aging-in-place fixtures and furnishings. In the bathroom, ergonomic faucet handles, motion-detecting light fixtures, wall-mounted stability bars, and step-through bathtubs offer security to older family members.

Walk-in bathtubs allow easy access to the bathing area. The low-threshold doors securely latch and reliably seal in bath water. People with disabilities, the elderly, and anyone with mobility issues find these tubs invaluable. Some versions have seats for added safety and lowered shelves to hold shampoo, soap, and other bathing needs.

Step-through inserts modify your existing tub or can be installed on a replacement tub. The step-through insert allows a person to easily enter the tub through an open-topped, rectangular gap on the tub’s side. The molded insert looks attractive and is easy to clean.

Step-through inserts are helpful for people with mobility issues, especially those who prefer to take showers in their tubs. The step-through feature also makes bath time more manageable for caregivers who bathe children or smaller adults. With the insert in place, caregivers are assisted with the following benefits:

  • Bath water only reaches a low level
  • Bather is easily accessible from tub-side
  • Children are easily lifted in and out
  • Tub space is available for shower chair

Aging-in-place and mobility-oriented bathroom remodels enhance the abilities of older household members to care for themselves. If you or a family member will soon retire, face surgery, or cope with declining motor skills, install a walk-in bath now. It will become a vital feature to help them adjust and manage self-care despite their physical limitations.

  1. The Long-Term Plans for Your Home

When you plan to remain in your house for many years to come, walk-in baths and other custom bathroom features make sense. If you expect to sell your home in the near future, a universal bathroom remodel is more practical.

Recent analysis shows that you recoup around 70 percent of your expenses for a bathroom remodel when you sell your home. Of course, you get to enjoy the new bathroom yourself for a while, which makes the investment worth it. However, install new bathroom elements with broad appeal to get the highest return on your remodel.

Your new bathroom cabinetry, tub, and sink don’t need to be designer level to make buyers happy. They do need to be clean, modern, and easy to coordinate with various decorating styles.

Choose a new shower surround or walk-in shower with glass doors that are attractive to most buyers’ tastes. Water-saving fixtures including shower heads and toilets are great features to install in areas where municipal water prices are high. Home buyers who want to live more sustainably also appreciate eco-friendly fixtures.

Darker wood stains and colorful bathroom features are more popular in bathroom renovations. A touch of black or color is fine, but avoid the use of too much bold color. It’s better to choose fixtures in neutral shades to make your home more desirable on the real estate market.

Upgraded bathroom lighting is a great way to showcase your bathroom upgrades. Use lighting fixtures that give the bathroom a soothing ambiance for bathing, and install dedicated task lighting near the mirror for health and beauty routines.

Schedule your bathroom renovation in the Kansas City, Lees Summit, and Independence Missouri areas by contacting the Bath Planet team at Four Seasons Home Products today. We refresh your bathroom, so it becomes the practical, attractive oasis you and your home deserve.

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